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Mini's Teams

Catering for boys and girls from reception through to age 11, our Minis Football set up continues to boast an exciting opportunity for our youngest players to get involved in the beautiful game. Supported by an army of innovative, progressive and qualified coaches, our players are prepped for our pathway into Junior Football.

JWFC have an all-inclusive policy, with the availability of places in our Mini's Section limited only by a sensible ratio of coaches-to-players. Friendly and competitive games are arranged at frequent intervals with other clubs, and we often compete in local club tournaments and festivals that are held periodically throughout the season. Care is taken to match teams according to ability to ensure individuals are exposed to appropriate challenges whilst maintaining equal playing time for all players.

Rather than conducting trials before each new season, Jersey Wanderers’ Minis Section is successful in maintaining high playing standards by employing an ethos of improving existing players to help them maximise their potential. Our Minis Teams are a platform for the development of both recreational and competitive players, with pathways to progress into our JWFC Junior Teams and beyond.

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